Financial Planning

Waterfall in Forest

Financial Planning is not an event. It is a process—one by which you name your dreams and identify your priorities. It is also a means to make those dreams a reality. To help you get there Rick maximizes the WealthCare® investment tools and comprehensive tracking available to him as a certified WealthCare® Advisor. The result is a goal-anchored financial plan and expert advice as your plan moves forward.


Our knowledge helps set you up for future opportunities and goals


Everyone has different investment ideas, let us figure out yours


We will refine your plan to meet your financial goals in a timely manner


Actively involved in our community and encourage our staff to do the same

Here’s what you can look forward to: The way we practice wealth management focuses on obtaining dreams instead of chasing returns. See your future in obtainable, concrete terms, unclouded by financial jargon. On-going monitoring means that your life goals are always connected to the investment decisions that will help you get there. As circumstances or goals change, together we will refine your plan so it remains on track. Financial Planning services for your business as well, including 401Ks. If moving toward your goals with expert, ethical support is appealing, give us a call. We have much to talk about.